On October 29th at 9AM we will be participating in the fundraiser “Barbells For Boobs” Please sign up by creating a fundraising page and then joining the CrossFit Newton Team. Once you create a page scroll down and click “join a team.” It’s very easy and only takes minutes.

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A. Snatch – 1-1-1-1-1-1@80-90%; you will do cleans if you have any overhead issues
B1. Back Squat – 5 x 5 sets@70 or above; 5 sec pause on the first rep of each set
B2. DB Bench Press – 8-10 x 5; all sets should be heavy

Find a challenging weight for the DB bench press while working up to your working weight for the Back Squat. Complete B1, Rest About :30 Sec, Complete B2, Rest About :90 Sec

Extra Conditioning
3 x 500@Easy Pace; Rest :60 Sec Between Efforts
1 x 400@Moderate Pace; Rest :60 Sec
1 x 300@Fast Pace; Rest :60 Sec
1 x 100@sprint Pace
1 x 100@Recovery Pace
Rest :60 Sec
1 x 100@Sprint Pace
1 x 500@recovery Pace
Rest :60 Sec
1 x 1 Min Max Effort Row For Max Meters
Rest :60 Sec
1 x 500@Recovery Pace

3000 Meter Total