Congrats to Coach Matt on his second place finish at his powerlifting meet this past weekend

If you are doing 16.1 today try to get it done during the first half of class. If there are a few of you in class that need to get it done you may do it one right after another. We will have a 25 foot space open for whomever need to do it.

A. Hang Clean + Clean + Pause Front Squat – 1+1+1×5/rest 2 min; Start at 65%
15 Min Cap
Share rowers
3 Rounds
Row 500/400 Meters
12 Power Cleans
21 Box Jumps

Alpha – PC@135/95, BJ@24/20
Bravo – PC@115/80, BJ@24/20
Charlie – PC@95/65, BJ@20/14
Delta – PC@65-75/45-55, Step-Up@24/20