Congrats to Liana and Jared, who are getting married this weekend. Stay happy you two and have fun in Jamaica 🙂

A1. Front Squat – 3-3-3+@80%; Max reps on the last set, if you did more than 6 for your last set, go up in weight by 5#
A2. Choose one:
HSPU – Max strict + Kipping x 3
Wall Climb – 2-4 x 3; Hold the top of the last rep for 25 sec, complete 5 Push-ups before each wall climb
3 Rounds
Row 500
12 Deadlifts@275/165
28 Wall Balls

Use the same deadlift weight as last week. If you were not here use the below suggestions

Alpha – As Written
Bravo – DL@225/155
Charlie – DL@155-185/105-115
Delta – DL@115-135/80-95