If you are really sore from “Murph” come in and do some recovery Bike, Row, stretch…..Etc. Just come in and move around. Get some blood into those muscles.

Week 3(of 12) Day 14

A. Build
Deadlift – Heavy 5, -10% x 2 x 5

B. Condition
105 Double Unders
21 DB Snatch@75/50
75 Double Unders
15 DB Snatch@75/50
45 Double Unders
9 DB Snatch@75/50

*Scale DB weight as needed. Keeping in mind the volume of 90 reps. You should be able to cycle through fairly quick.
**Scale Dubs to 1/2 the dubs or 2x the singles

C. Extra
Powell Raises – 3 sets of 10
Front Rack KB Hold – :60 sec x 3