as you can see our programing is going through a little change. I have chosen for CrossFit Newton to start following OPT’s(optimum performance training) programing because we have the same goals and philosophy about fitness and programming. I have been following his blog for a while and aside from his athletes doing really well in the games his programming is Awesome. He has a great foundation in exercise science and a great outlook on what fitness really is.

Here’s an article from his blog called “Why Intensity Matters”

based upon past comments, it seems that the collective knowledge is not there in relation to why people of all ages and sizes (including grandmoms who love bands and bells and whistles) should perform Crossfit based exercise
i have taught many forms of exercise programs and have designed approx 30-40 program designs per week for the past 10 years… i make this statement b/c the thought process out there is that OPT has just chosen CF methodology b/c its the newest thing… you could not be more wrong, and i’m not sure if its due to ignorance or lack of knowledge into who we are and why we do what we do
along this time…i have always done functional movements, varied them religiously through planning or without and also have a very good concept of intensity….one thing is that until 3-4 years ago, i never blended them…and THIS is what all other programs miss out on…
the argument is…”well, my mom does not need to be doing 50 box jumps as fast as possible”…and my contention is, you’re damn right she does…and if you think we’re going to make someone new to us off the street follow the big dawgs workout or smash them just b/c that is what YOU see as CF, you’re also very wrong…
the reason why your mothers should be doing the box jumps based on her own intensity for time is that it breeds all the neuroendocrine results we want to see in an exercise program…the instensity portion ensures work capacity…sure, you can get her to do 50 over a period of an hour…but that is just like the Canada’s physical activity giude now when they say that you can “spread” your 30 minutes of moderate activity over a day and that will breed long term results
hear me out now…walking and gardening (basically bands and whistle training) DOES NOT get you life long functional fitness….yep, guess what folks, life is hard work, maintaining that over time does not mean being babysat by a trainer b/c you’re afraid of box jumps and sweating…that does not cut it…and if you think i’m speaking out of my ass, you also have no idea what OPT is and what we do…we promote CF for everyone b/c we know it creates high levels of fitness AND long term health (that includes grandmothers as well, i should know, i have approx 100 or more and growing clients over 50 years of age)
you have to also analyze your own knowledge of fitness before making an understanding into what people should do…and you’re just as wrong if you think that CF is no shirts, loud music, dropping weights and puking…that shows that you truly have no idea about what CF and exercise science truly is…i can understand how you might draw that picture b/c of what you see promoted in the community…but the facts are that there are FAR MORE people with 15 minute Frans using a dowel rod and jumping chin ups than there are sub 5 minute frans as rx’d..sorry to burst your bubble
and the thing is, your grandma will get more out of it with a timer and correct modifications than power bands and step ups and nice smiles….
just as i did, everyone will see over time that they are wasting peoples time with this “other” stuff (i know, i made a lot of mistakes) and if they are willing to have an open mind as i did, they will see that if they follow function and varied movements with intensity, they got it in the bag…then you know what – they’re doing CrossFit

heres a link to his blog. opt

CrossFit Endurance WOD

Hill Repeats

3+ Hours After Anaerobic Endurance Strength & Conditioning WOD or CrossFit Main Site WOD

Choose ONE of the Following Sports:

Swim: 10 x 100m/y holding fastest possible pace without deviating more than 5 sec… 15 sec recoveries

Bike: 4 x 2 mile hill repeats, holding fastest possible pace and not deviating more than 1 min per repeat. Recoveries are, how long it takes you to come down the hill. If you do not have a hill then use tension on a trainer or ergometer with steady/ heavy tension.

Run: 2 x 3/4 – 1 mile hill repeats holding fastest possible pace without deviating more then 1 minute and recovering 1 min before descending hill easy. Repeat after 1 min recovery at bottom of hill… treadmill use 7% grade, recover 2 min and repeat

C2: 3 x 1k repeats not deviating more then 10 seconds. 2 min recoveries.

Foul: If you deviate more than the specified time.

Foul: 20 pistols (10 each side)