OK, so these are my thoughts. I’m sure my spelling and grammar are not the best, but I don’t care, It’s what I feel.

You all Did such an AWESOME job today. When I see the agony on your faces(not in a bad way) it gives me chills. Even though you are miserable you all just kept going. That’s what gives me chills. You are all strong, physically and mentally. I am sure you all go home saying that WOD was FUCKING hard, but I did it.

There is a satisfaction that you get after completing a WOD. It’s the feeling that you worked really hard at something and got through it. Through the pain, through the agony, chipping away rep by rep untill you reach that last one. Remember, you are not just becoming physically stronger, faster, more powerful, and more explosive. You are becoming a much stronger person mentally.

Every time you push youself, setting new reacords, breaking barriers, motivating a fellow CrossFitter. You are changing.

YOU ARE CROSSFIT!!!!and you can never go back.

You all inspire me,

Thank you so much,