Well, I sure learned a LOT at that throwdown!!!  Here’s the top ten list:

1.  TAPE UP ALL YOUR HANDS…even if u think u don’t need it!

2.  So what if your hands are bleeding?…Endorphins kick in after a few minutes!

3.  CrossFit Girls are INSANE!!!

4.  It’s very hard to SPRINT after doing three 215lb deadlifts!

5.  Bring cooked sweet potatoes if you want to fit in  😛

6.  Grayson yelling at you is just as effective at a throwdown as it is at CFN!

7.  Don’t try ANY new techniques that the other girls are doing AT THE THROWDOWN…wait to get back to CFN!

8.  Rowing with a 20 lb weight vest on is harder than it sounds.

9.  Ben B. from CFNE always throws in a curveball when you least expect it!

10. CrossFit Newton is the BEST PLACE EVER!!!!!!!!  I held my own with this crew…mighty impressive…thanks Gil and John!