Complete A1, rest :30 Sec, complete A2, rest 1:90 – 2 min

A1. Hang Clean(above the knee) + Front Squat – 1 + 2 x 5@75% or above; Pause 2 seconds in the catch
**If you are not comfortable enough with your clean  technique to go heavy enough you will complete front squats in the same scheme, but start at 70%

A2. Choose One:
1. Tempo Chest to Bar Chin-Ups – 3-6 x 5 sets; Regular speed on the way up, 4 sec eccentric, 2 sec pause at the bottom, make sure you keep your shoulders down on the eccentric portion. Make those lats work. If 6 reps isn’t very tough add a rep or 2 to each round.
2. Chin-Ups – 3-6 x 5 sets
3. Ring Rows – 10-15 x 5

B. Test
2 min Max TTB
Rest :60 Sec
2 Min Max Meter Row

If you can’t do full Toes 2 Bar you will do sit-ups