A. Tempo Back Squat – 1-1-1-1-1@85-95% of your heavy single pause squat from 11.1.16, Tempo is 5 seconds down with no pause at the bottom. If you didn’t do your heavy single pause squat do it today
B. “Brownie Batter”
4 Rounds
15 Back Squats@155/105

You may use a rack if needed

Alpha – as written
Bravo – Back squats@135/105, HSPU to an abmat or with feet on a box
Charlie – Back Squats@95/65, 5 HR push-ups + 5 Wall Climbs
Delta – Back Squat@65/45, Seated DB Overhead Press(sitting on the floor with stiff legs)

C. Extra Gymnastics
Top of the dip hold – accumulate 2 min(3 min cap)
Bottom of the dip hold – Accumulate 1 min(2 min cap) or 2 min(3 min cap)