Pat Padgett. Courtesy of Crossfit Southie.

Pat Padgett, passed away peacefully on Nov. 14, 2015 surrounded by his loving family.

Pat was an inspiration to many. Lover of life, nature, travel, adventure, experience, relationships, his family, friends, and his beloved dog, Kane. He was a talented artist and photographer and was a fierce competitor excelling at anything he put his mind to. Pat was an avid crossfit competitor, a community he found solace and celebration in, a community that reached far beyond the gym. As competitive as Pat was, he was also the first to cheer you on or help another reach their goals. Seeing others succeed is what truly lifted him.
Pat brought people together, bridging social groups and family thus creating a sense of belonging for all. He loved life and he loved living his life with others. His strong will, shining smile, and many talents will be greatly missed by all.

The following is a workout to honor his life

For the evening classes we have a guest coach, Ryan Cormeir. Ryan actually was a coach at CFN a few years ago, but unfortunately had to move. He is an AWESOME coach and I know you guys will love him.

Pat’s WOD:
20 Minute AMRAP
6 Power Cleans@185/135
12 Burpees
18 Toes to Bar
50′ Handstand Walk

Scaling Options:

Toes To Bar
3 Wall Climbs or 12 Shoulder Taps against the wall

Toes To Bar
3 Wall Climbs or 12 Shoulder Taps against the wall

PC@95-115/55-65 or KBS
Knees To Chest or Knee Tucks
HS Hold – :30 Sec