A. Muscle Snatch + Tempo OHS – 1+2 x 5 building; 6 seconds down, 10 second pause at bottom, 1 second up, by feel, add weight each round. There is no rest at the top after the first rep.
B. WOD Choices:
9 min cap

You may do this workout in three other ways(choose the one that reflects your ability
3 sets of 15/15
5 sets of 9/9
9 sets of 5/5

Bravo – HSPU – feet or knees on a box, same rep schemes as above
Charlie – 21-15-9 DL@155-225/105-155, 8-6-4 Wall Climbs
Delta – DL@115-135/80-95, Wall Climbs 8-6-4(limit range of motion)