We will be starting a new program next week. It will be important to keep a journal of all your numbers/times from all the tests as we will be using them regularly. All squats, deadlifts, step-ups and other movements will be done without shoes. Unless considered dangerous. If you have an issue with this make sure you wear shoes that are flat(Converse or Nanos). If you missed a testing day don’t worry, you can make them up.

A is a test

A. Clean Grip Deadlift – 5 RM; not touch n go, re-set after each rep and control the weight during the eccentric portion, no dropping the bar.
B. WOD Choices:
1-3 Bar Muscle-Ups
6 Power Cleans@135-175/95-115
5-9 HSPU

6 Chest to bars or pull-ups(you may use a green band)
6 Power Cleans@95-115/65-80
5-9 HSPU(you may use up to 2 abmats)

10 Ring rows
6 Power Cleans@65-85/45-55
10 Push-Ups