Week 1(of 6), day 5

Today I am giving you two options. Choose one depending on what days you came in and how you feel

Option 1

A. Build
Low Box Squat – Heavy Triple; Knees should just break the hip crease at the bottom. Don’t worry about the number, just looking for something that feels heavy on your back.

B. Condition
7 Deadlift@185/115
200 Meter Run(not all out)

Option 2

For both options the run is not supposed to be all out.

Run 1 mile
Rest 2 min
Run 800
Rest 1 min
Run 400
Run 1 min
Run 400

You may switch this to a timed run as well
Run 6 min
Rest 2 min
Run 4 min
Rest 1 min
Run 2 min
Rest 1 min
Run 2 min