A. Halting Snatch – 65-75% x 2 x 5; Pause below the knee(2 sec) on the first rep and mid thigh(2 sec) on the second. Pause in the catch for 2 seconds for each rep. If the overhead squat is an issue due to mobility, just get as deep as you comfortably can. Clean and Jerk as well.
B. 5 Rounds
10 alt DB Snatch
Run 200 Meters
40 Dubs

Check below for standards

Alpha – DB Snatch@50-75/30-45, dubs
Bravo – DB Snatch@30-45/25-30, dubs or singles
Charlie – DB Snatch@25-30/15-20, singles

You may sub slam balls(15 reps) for the snaches if you don’t feel comfortable with them