1. Hip snatch + overhead squat
1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1, building to a heavy single

If you are not yet comfortable with the snatch use this time to work on technique. If your strength or mobility doesn’t allow you to overhead squat with weight you may do a hang power snatch. Once you complete the snatch you will take a PVC pipe and do 5 overhead squats.
2. “Baller on a budget”
4 rounds
6 box jumps over the box
Sled push 50 yards(no bent elbows)
20 russian swings

Weight choices:
Sled – 315/225, 275/185, 225/155
KB – 70/53, 53/35, 45/25
Box jump – 24/20, 20/16

The weight you choose should allow you to get through the round pretty quick. 


PR for Pat

Tomorrow(Saturday) is PR for Pat. If you have not yet donated and wish to you may bring a check made out to Pat Padgett. Please donate if you can. He’s got quite a fight ahead of him. Here’s his story if you didn’t see the blog post the other day. Click here

The Workout
6 power cleans
12 burpees
14 toes to bar
50 foot handstand walk or 3 wall climbs


Via Prive

Today and Saturday will be the last day for the Via Prive pre-order. Act fast. Here’s the link to pay. Email us with the size you would like after you made the purchase. Click here make sure you click apparel.

Thanks everyone 🙂