Merry Christmas Everyone!! May you and your family have a safe, happy, and healthy holiday.

build to a tough 1 in the push press – take no more than 20 min
rest 3 min
7 sets for total time;
7 R arm db power snatch – 45#
7 L arm db power snatch – 45#
7 R arm KBS – 20kg
7 L arm KBS – 20kg
10 push up burpees
rest 1 min

post push press 1 rep and total working time of met con to comments

hips must come to full ext at top of snatch before weight is lowered, db must touch ground each rep
KB must be above head height at top of swing
chest to deck on burpees, get air at top with clap overhead

post wod fuelling:
above 12% – 40 g prot/20 g carbs
8-12% – 40g prot/40 g carbs
below 8% – 40g prot/60 g carbs

everyone eats a PFC balanced meal with protein and veggies and good fats within 60-90 min of the post wod fuel