Everyone of you who come and train with us week after week know by now that we are not like most gyms. Have you ever wondered why all of our workouts are scored or timed ? or why sometimes there is a prescribed weight for males and females ?
Sure part of the reason is to fuel that competitive environment and to get you all to push yourselfs but there is another reason.
It is simply to track your progression. One of the ways CrossFit is described is as ‘evidence based fitness’.
For something to be ‘evidenced based’ the data must be measurable, observable and repeatable. The best example of this can be seen in the benchmark WODs. We tell you what the range of motion is and the weight to use (measurable) and watch you go through the workout ensuring you are keeping to the standards (observable) and then record your score/time to be compared to at a later date (repeatable).

So the benchmark WODs are the ones we use to guage progression and monitor our gains but the day to day WODs are just as important. These WODs are where you are putting in the training in order to get those better times/scores on your benchmarks. So how much weight did you Deadlift the last time we did 5 x 3 ? When did you last do it ? How many rounds did you get the last time ?

What I am getting at here is that you all need to be monitoring your progress to ensure you are moving forward. If you are simply coming in to get a sweat up then its not going to do you any good long term. You need to know where you are at and where you want to go in order to make constant gains.

I urge you to all get a notebook and start logging your workouts every day no matter what. It will give you motivation to do better the next time around on WODs as well as let you know what weights you lifted etc. Its simply too hard to remember all your 5RMs 3RMs and 1RMs for over 9 different movements.

Please go out today and get yourself a notebook, I’m going to start hitting up all of you about it from now on so unless you want me nagging you constantly then just pick up a $3 one from wherever and bring it in. You can even leave it here at the gym if you like.

As most of you know I keep a blog where I have logged every workout both good and bad since last November. Somedays I do really bad, somedays are awesome but regardless I log it all so whenever I have to repeat anything I have all the info to look back on and know what to shoot for. This is also a good option for you in case you ever lose your book. Blogs are free and you dont even have to give the adress to anyone, just keep it private.

You all come for different reasons and all have different goals ranging from wanting to lose weight to injury rehab to increased performance ….. The list goes on and on. It doesn’t matter what your goal is or what your current level of fitness is, what matters is that you are all moving forward and tracking your data.

I hope to see those of you without notebooks bringing one from now on and props to those of you that already do so.