Hey Ladies,

My friends at Lululemon at Legacy Place, Dedham have agreed to give us a 20% team discount on a Lulu hoodie and Dani’s AWESOME friend said he can silk screen the CFN sword logo on the lower back and sleeve for us!!!  How freakin’ cool is this????  Big shout out to Dani for making that happen!

Who’s “IN” for a hoodie?  They retail for $98 and we’ll be getting them for $78.40 each….AWESOME!!!  I think we can choose the color we want (except black b/c of logo).  So, if you’re interested, please comment here or email me.  Also, check out the lulu site and look at the colors…we’ll make a decision on that once everyone weighs in on their preference.  Just click the lululemon symbol on the right hand side of the blog and search for “remix hoodie”.

xo, Jodie