Hello everyone!

So, it’s official…Gil and I are actually going to take a vacation.  Not much of one, but still a little vacation.  Time to get some R & R with the fam.  So, since John is going to be covering everything by himself for a couple days here are a couple notes:

On Friday night we are consolidating the 5 and 6pm class to run just the 6pm.

On Friday morning, John has a one on one client at 6am.  He will be there to open the gym at 5:30am and get you all started, but at 6:00am you are on your own.  At 6:30am class, you will be on your own for warm up and skill and then John will take over for the last half hour.  Cool?!?!

9:00am class on Saturday will run at new time, not 9:15am.  Don’t forget to bring a new friend or pay $5 at the door. 🙂

11:00am class on Saturday is canceled because John is going to the opening of the new CrossFit Southie in South Boston.  If anyone wants to attend ask John about the details.  I, personally, am bummed to not be here.  They are a nice group over there and I wanted to wish them well!

Gil and I are here until the 12:30pm class on thursday.  We leave right after that and are headed to the White Mountains, Storyland, and, of course, the North Conway Country Club for some golf for Charlie!  🙂

Thanks everyone for making the move transition so easy.  If it weren’t for that, we would not be going away this week!