build to a somewhat tough 3 in the front squat – take no more than 20 min
(leave some on the table)
rest 5 min
for time;
25 walking lunges
30 db hang squat clean – 25#/h
50 double unders
25 db thrusters – 25#/h
35 GHD Sit ups
20 chest to bar chin ups
50 squats

post loads for front squat and time for hopper to comments

knee grazes on lunges, ass to grass on squatting movements, crown to floor on HSPU

post wod fuelling:
above 12% – 40 g prot/20 g carbs
8-12% – 40g prot/40 g carbs
below 8% – 40g prot/60 g carbs

everyone eats a PFC balanced meal with protein and veggies and good fats within 60-90 min of the post wod fuel