Hey guys. I thought I would share this site with you. Kelly Starrett, owner of CrossFit San Francisco is know in the crossfit community as the mobility guru. Gil, Jodie and I had the pleasure of attending one of his seminars in NYC a few months back and it was packed with a lot of valuable information and subtle techniques that we have fed to you all in bits and pieces.

Anyways he has recently (1 week ago) started this blog dedicated solely to mobility. Each day he posts a new video along with valuable information in relation to the structure of our musculature as well as how to mobilize certain areas.

He is calling this the Mobility WOD and each day only takes 10mins at most to complete. So if any of you train at home sometimes or have some time to kill log on and start watching the videos. This will help you all in different areas and your workouts will benefit as a result.

500m row for time

work to a max set of 5 for the day
after you warmup do no more than 5 working sets

Don’t drop it !
max wall ball in 2 mins
rest 2 mins
Amrap 3 mins x 3 rds – 2 min recovery between
10 Deadlift @ 50% of 5RM for the day
10 burpees ( jump over your barbell on each rep with both feet, no stepping!)