A. Overhead Squat – Heavy Triple
*If overhead squats are an issue for you, you will do front squats
**If you are new to this movement you will complete 4 sets or 5
B. “Heartbreak kid”
9 Hang Power Snatch@95/65
6 Burpees
3 Muscle-Ups(6 chest to bars or pull-ups)

*Do hang power cleans if you can’t do snatches

Alpha – As written
Bravo – Snatch@75/55, 6 banded chest to bars or pull-ups
Charlie – Snatch@65/45, 6 Jumping Chest to Bars or Pull-ups
Delta – 9 KBS, 6 Burpees, 6 Ring Rows

Close Grip Bench Press – 5 x 4 sets
Barbell Row – 8-10 x 4

Extra Cardio
Row 1K
Rest 3 min x 3
(try to hold a little faster pace than last week)