Two things

  1. Barbells For Boobs is this Saturday starting at 9am and will run till 11.
  2. Please make sure you put all plates back where you take them from. The rogue bumpers are near the wall and the others are near the posts. Only the rogue plates go near the wall.

A. Slow assent Clean and Pause Jerk – 1-1-1-1-1-1@75%; Pull from the floor taking 10 sec to get to mid thigh. Once you hit mid thigh explode to catch. Pause 3 sec in the bottom of the dip just before you jerk. Focus on back position during the clean assent and focus on your drive upward coming out of the jerk dip. Make sure you move those feet to catch.
B. “Dionysus”
5 Rounds
10 DB Hang Power Clean and Jerks@50/30
10 TTB
10 Burpees

3 Rounds
Run 400
21 Back Squats@165/110
100 Dubs or 150 Singles

Weight should be no more than 55% of your max

A1. Bench Press – Heavy 5, -10% x max reps
A2. Strict Pull-Ups
Choose One:
Weighted 5-4-3-2-1; increasing load; max set on in-weighted after heavy single
Un-Weighted – 5 x 5
Un-Weighted – 1-2 x 8, :60 sec rest between reps
Partner Assisted – 1-2 x 8, rest :60 sec between reps
Banded Pull-ups – 1-2 x 8, rest :60 sec between reps

Every 4 Min x 24 Min
10-15 Cal Bike
5 Deadlifts@70%
10-15 Cal Row

Each round should take you 2 min or less. Scale bike and row to allow for this.

10 Rounds
1 Heavy Turkish Get-Up each arm
15 Hollow Rocks

If you are not able to come in Saturday you may do “Grace” today

30 Clean and Jerks@135/95

Tempo Front Squat – 4 x 4; 4 sec eccentric, 2 sec pause on each rep