A few things happening at CFN

Barbells for Boobs
CrossFit Newton will be participating on October 21st. So Please register, donate, and join the CrossFit Newton team.
Click here to sign up or to read more.

So we have a little change to the weekend coaching. Starting this weekend I will no longer be coaching the Saturday morning classes. Instead coach Jack will be, and programing as well. We are naming it Savage Saturdays. I think the weekends just got a little more fun 🙂

Don’t forget, the CFN Halloween in-house partner comp is on the 28th of the month. I will be putting up a sign up sheet on the front desk tomorrow. You can all participate. Two females, two males or mixed pairs. Any way you wanna partner up, it’s up to you. Just come and have a great time.

This weeks programing

“Sammy The Bull”
90 Dubs
50 Deadlifts@185/135
70 Wall Balls@20/14
30 Burpee Chest to Bars
70 Wall Balls
50 Deadlifts
90 Dubs

Scale Volume

75 Double-unders or 40 Single doubles
60 Wallballs@20/14lb
45 Deadlifts@135/95lb
30 Burpee Pull-ups or 30 burpees/30 banded pull-ups or ring rows
45 Deadlifts
60 Wallballs
75 Double-unders

Scale weight if needed


“The Ice Man”
Every 5 Min for 7 Rounds
15 Cal Bike
200 Meter Run

Shoot for 2:30 per round

*For the bike stop at :45 sec on your first round and complete the same calories each time you get on the bike

A. Tempo Front Squat – 4-4-4-4@65-70%; 4 sec eccentric 2 sec pause at bottom
B. Split Stance DB Press – 8-10 x 4, 3 second eccentric on each rep

Pic two movements you need to work on and switch between the each min for 20 min. Coach will help you if needed

Joseph “The Animal” Barboza
3 Rounds(each for time)
250 Row
15 KBS@70/53
25 Burpees
15 KBS
250 Row

Rest 6 min between efforts. Scale volume so you can finish in no longer than 6 min.