A. Back Squat – 5RM, -5%, -10%; pause 2 sec at the bottom of the first rep
B. “Sasquatch”
Squat Snatch
Toes to bar
Burpees over bar
**If you have any overhead issues you will do front squats.

12 Min Cap(scale weight so you are able to complete the workout)

Alpha – SN@95/65 or FS@135/95, TTB
Bravo – SN@75/55 or FS@115/80, TTB
Charlie – SN@65/45 or FS@95/65, Hanging Knee Tucks
Delta – OHS@45/35 FS@65/45, Sit-ups

C. Extra Gymnastics
L-Sit – :10-:20 Sec x 8

D. Strength Extra
Single Arm High Pulls – 8-10 x 3 sets