There will only be three classes Monday(tomorrow): 6:00, 12:30, and 5:30

A Couple things happening at CFN

Barbells for Boobs
CrossFit Newton will be participating on October 21st. So Please register, donate, and join the CrossFit Newton team.
Click here to sign up or to read more.

Don’t forget, the CFN Halloween in-house partner comp is on the 28th of the month. I will be putting up a sign up sheet on the front desk tomorrow. You can all participate. Two females, two males or mixed pairs. Any way you wanna partner up, it’s up to you. Just come and have a great time. Click here to sign up now!!

A. Muscle-Snatch + Hang Power Snatch – 1+2 x 5
B. “Cain and Abel”
Front Squat@115/80
Hang Power Snatch@115/80

“Three Wise Men”
10 Burpees
10 Chest to Bars or pull-ups
Run 200 Meters
Rest :60 Sec x 10

Switch the order each time you go. Scale volume down if needed.

A. Hang Clean + Clean + Front Squat – 1+1+2; Heavy complex
B. Push Press – Heavy 5

Choose 3 different movements and complete one on each min for 30 min. Each movement will be completed 10 times

A. Rope Climb or Muscle-Up – Skill Practice
“Abigail, Joanna, Rahab”
1K Row
25 Muscle-ups(bar if no ring) or 10 Legless Rope climbs(or rope climbs)

Scale HSPU to box HSPU or Push Press, Muscle-ups will be scaled to 50 Pull-Ups and 30 Dips or Push-Ups