AWESOME job to everyone who competed in the Southie Showdown this past weekend. I am proud of all of you.

Today we will be starting a two week tester. We will be testing many different aspects of fitness.If you do miss any of these you may make them up at another time. This will be a great way to see your progress and for us to figure out where your weaknesses and strengths are. For these next two weeks make sure you have something to write down your data.


Power Test #1
Heavy single – Snatch, power snatch, or hang power snatch(choose the most comfortable one for you)
With this movement your heavy single is when you reach a point when the integrity of the movement is lost.
Lower body strength Test #1
Back squat – 1RM
cardio test #1

5 min max calories on the rower
Make sure you pay attention to the calories per hour. Have a partner write down your calories per hour at the end of each min. There should be 5 separate numbers by the end of the 5 min.

Weight choices:
53/35, 45/25, 35/15