AWESOME job by all the CFN athletes who competed this weekend.

A. AMRAP 8 – Power Clean@80-85% 1RM; If you are new to the Clean you will complete 1 Deadlift + 1 Hang Power Clean(from the knee)
B. “Vinny Barbarino”
21 Cal Ski
21 Burpees
3-9 Muscle-Ups
15 Cal Row
15 Burpees Over the Erg
2-7 Muscle-Ups
9 Cal AB
9 Burpees Over Box@30/24
1-5 Muscle-Ups

15 min cap. When choosing scaling options try to choose one that will allow you to finish under the cap

Alpha – As written(you may do bar muscle-ups if you can’t do ring)
Bravo – 18, 14, 10 Chest to Bars Pull-ups or Jumping Muscle-Ups(same rep scheme as Regular) Check below for video and set-up instructions.
Charlie – Scale reps for Pull-ups 12-10-8, BOB@24/20
Delta – Ring Rows – 21-15-9, Box Step-Overs@24/20

Rings should be set up so the bottom of the rings are under the chest when standing next to it. If this is too tough to transition then lower the rings a bit.

C. Extra Oly
Clean Deadlifts  – 5 x 4 sets@100%

D. Extra Strength
DB Bench Rows – 10 x 4 sets