Complete A1, rest :15 sec, Complete A2, rest :90 sec

A1. Tempo Front Squat 3-3-3-3@70-75% or above of you heavy single pause front squat;  5 second decent, 1 sec pause at bottom
A2. DB Rows – 10 x 4 sets
B. “Soda Pop”
10 Thrusters@95-105/65-70
10 Burpees over Bar
Rest :60 sec x 5-6

The above workout should be under 12 min, do the 6th round if your rounds are taking around a min

Alpha – As written
Bravo – Thrusters@85/60
Charlie – Thrusters@75/50
Delta – Thrusters@65/40

Thrusters should be unbroken each round so make sure you choose proper loading. You should be able to start the burpees right after the thrusters, so make sure you pace properly. There shouldn’t be much transition time between the two. Share bars if possible. This way we can save space.

C. Extra cardio
Row 500 Meters
Rest 2 min x 5, there shouldn’t be more than 2 sec drop off in time between each effort

D. Extra Gymnastics
Choose One:
Zig Zag HS Walk – 25′ x 3-4
HS Walk – 50′ x 3-4
Partner Freestanding HS – 4 sets
Shoulder Taps – 10-20 x 4, against the wall