AWESOME job by everyone so far on OPEN WOD 17.4. Thanks so much to Jonathan Palmer for DJing for Friday Night Lights. This Thursday will be the last OPEN announcement. Let’s get a big crowd here to cheer the boys on one last time. And anyone who wants to join them.

This will be the last week for “Friday Night Lights” as well. Let’s finish the open with a bang!!!! Bring your family and friends. We are gonna have a party!!!!

Todays Workout



“Xander Cage”
AMRAP 3 x 5
5 Power Cleans
7 Thrusters
9 Burpees
Rest :60 sec between amraps

Focus on consistent movement. Think of this as a 15 min AMRAP. Your rounds should be fairly close from one AMRAP to the other.

Alpha – PC and Th@95/65
Bravo – PC and TH@75/55
Charlie – PC and TH@65/45
Delta – PC and TH@45/35

Single arm high pulls – 8-10 each side x 4
Box Dips – 10 x 4 sets