AWESOME job by everyone who competed in the open this season. I am real proud of your efforts.

B is a tests. So make sure you make note of it to refer back to at a later date. If you didn’t take note of your step-ups last week or didn’t get to do them, make sure you log your results today.

A. Back Rack Step-Up – Heaviest 6-8 on each leg; weaker leg first, make sure you don’t do more reps on the stronger leg.
B. Overhead Press – 70% bodyweight x Max reps; If mobility allows do these from behind the neck. If you know you can’t do this percentage establish a 1RM for this lift
10 BS
10 BJ
40 Dubs

Alpha – BS@135/95, BJ@24/20, HSPU, dubs
Bravo – BS@115/80, BJ@24/20, 5 HSPU(you may use an abmat), accumulate :30 sec of dubs
Charlie – BS@95/65, BJ or step-ups@24/20, 10 Push-Ups, accumulate :30 sec of dubs
Delta – BS@65/45, Step-Ups@24/20, 6-10 push-ups, 40 singles