If you the back squats from last Tuesday were not very tough you will do B2. If it took you multiple sets to complete it you will do B1.

A. Clean Wave – Rest :60 sec; 60%, 65, 70, 65, 70, 75, 75, 80, 85; :30 Sec rest between Cleans. If you are new to cleans you will work on technique at this time.
B1. Back Squat – If you did this last week and you completed all the reps try to complete it this week in less sets. If the weight was too heavy and you had to lower it try to complete what you did last week in less sets. When you finish your squats complete 2 sets of back rack step-ups. To figure out your weight use this link.

Multiply your weight from the back rack step-ups x 2, then multiply your max reps x 2 and complete as many reps as possible with that weight. example: If you did 6 step-ups with your weaker leg and your weight was 100# your squat weight would be 200# and your reps would be 12. Take note of your reps and sets it took to complete. If this is taking longer than 10 min you are done.

B2. Back Rack Step-Up – Take your max weight you did on your weaker leg and figure out your predicted 1RM. Then take 80-85% of that weight and do 4 Sets of 6-8 reps on each leg. Rest :30 sec between legs, rest :60 sec between sets. Once you complete your step-ups do one set of back squats at the weight you did last week for Max reps.
Here is a link to find your predicted 1RM

Run 100
Rest :30 Sec

Extra(if you have the time)
Clean Deadlift – 100-110% of clean x 5 x 3 sets
if you chose A1 above, do the good mornings, if you chose A2, do the GHD.
Good mornings – 8 x 3 sets as heavy as possible
Eccentric hamstring curls – 4-8 x 3 Sets