A. EMOM 7 – 2 Halting Snatch@70-75%; Pause below the knee on the first rep, pause at mid thigh n the second, if you are new to snatching use this time to practice technique
B1, rest :30 sec, then B2, rest 2 min between sets
B1. Choose One
:(depending on what you did for your test)
Chest to Bar Chin-Up or Chin-Up – 5 Sets; on set 1 you will complete your max set minus 3. Get as close as you can to this number each set. If you were able to complete all your reps for each set add a rep to each set if possible.
Underhand Supine Inverted Row – Max reps x 5
Partner assisted Chin-up – If you are close to completing a chin-up or chest to bar you will have one of your fellow athletes or coaches assist you to complete at least 2 reps x 5 sets
B2. Behind the Neck Overhead Press or Overhead Press – 4 sets of 8; Take your max reps you completed, look at the predicted 1RM on the wall and use 55-60% as a guide. If you completed these behind the neck for the test, do the same here. If you completed this last week and were able to get through all your reps, try to add 5#.
C. “Go Speed Racer Go
Row for cals

Alpha – Thrusters@75/55
Bravo – Thrusters@65/45
Charlie – Thrusters@45/35