In House Comp is this weekend. If you have not yet signed up do it now!!!! This is a partner competition. One RX athlete and One scaled athlete. Click here to register. The list is getting bigger, but I want more of you to sign up. Let’s get to it guys 🙂 It’s gonna be a ton of fun. We will be having a BBQ/pot luck and some drinks after the comp, so bring a dish, some drinks and come have some fun!!

Week 4(of 6)Day 19

A. Condition
3 Rounds
Run 400 Meters
21 Thrusters@45#
12 Pull-Ups

Alpha – as written
Bravo – Banded Pull-Ups, 35# Thruster
Charlie – Ring Rows, 25# Thruster
Delta – Run 200, Ring Rows, Air Squats

B. Build
B1. Choose One:
Chest to Bar Chin-Up – 3-8 x 4
Chin-Up – 3-8 x 4
Modified Chin-Up – 3-5 x 4
Negative Chin-Up – 2-3 x 4, use a band if needed
B2. Single Arm Arnold Press – 8 x 4 sets; 3 second decent on each rep

Powell Raises – 10 x 3
Stiff arm banded pull-Down – 10 x 3