Week One(of 6), Day One

A. Condition
1000 Meter Row
50 Thrusters@45
30 Pull-Ups

B. Build
Complete B1, rest :30 sec, complete B2, rest 1:30
B1. Choose One:
Chest to Bar Chin-Up – 3-6 x 4
Chin-Up – 3-6 x 4
Modified Chin-Up – 3-5 x 4(video is at the bottom)
Negative Chin-Up – 2-3 x 4, use a band if needed
B2. Tempo Half Kneeling SA DB Press
8-10 x 4, pause 2 sec at the top, 3 sec decent, pause 2 sec at the bottom
If you have mobility issues try the land mine press
Wall Facing HS hold – :10-20 sec x 4
HS w/ feet on a box – :10-:20 sec x 4
Powell Raises – 10 x 3 sets

Adjust your hips lower to make it tougher or higher to make it a bit easier. Do not make this an inverted row. The goal is to have your back as vertical as possible.