Great job by coach Matt this weekend. It was inspiring watching you compete . Thank to all the CFN athletes who came to cheer him on. Thank you to those watching at hom and who were there in spirit.

Don’t forget to sign up for the inhouse comp on Saturday the 7th. It starts at 9am. Standards list and sign up sheet are at the fromt dest. If you don’t have a partner just put your name down and the group you are in and we can find you a partner. I want as many of you signed up as possible. It’s gonna be a great time. If you don’t wish to participate that’s fine. Just come and cheer on your fellow crossfitters.

We will be starting a 4 week strength block today. It will be 3 times per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

1A. Back Squat
65% x 10 x 3(3 sets of 10)
2B. Pull-ups
3-5 strict pull-ups
You will complete A, then B, rest 2 min. Go through the cycle 3 times. If you can complete all the pull-ups without a band and unbroken you will add weight next week. Use a band if needed.
3. 5 rounds
1 min amrap
15 kbs
amrap burpees in remaining time
rest 1 min between rounds

weight choice: