A1. Back Squat – 65% x 10 x 3 Sets, Heavier than last week if possible
A2. Choose One:
Pull-Ups – Max Reps x 3; You may do banded or assisted Pull-Ups as well, If you did these last week and got 15 on your first round you will do your pull-ups with a tempo of a regular speed pull, pause 2 sec at the top, and 5 seconds down. Make sure yo keep your shoulders down on the eccentric portion. If you are doing assisted pull-ups keep control on the eccentric portion and keep the shoulders down as well through the full range.
Ring Rows – Max reps x 3; make sure you set the rings so the bottom of the ring is set to the top of your hip.
under a 10 min clock complete the following:
Row 600/500
in remaining time AMRAP of
10 Burpees
14 Box Jumps or step-ups
At 5 min switch to:
Row 600/500
in remaining time AMRAP of
5 Burpees
7 Box Jumps or step-ups

Score is reps for the first and second combined. Shorter ladies row 400.