OK, Apparently you guys liked the full weeks post so I did it again.

A1. Clean + Front Squat – 2+1 x 5; For the cleans pause 2 sec below the knee on the first rep and above the knee in the second, pause in the catch(squat) on both cleans, the front squat is no pause. Start these at about 65%
A2. Top of the ring row hold – :20 – :30 sec x 5, no bent knees, so adjust the rings to your ability

Rest :60 Sec between rounds

B. 2 RFT(11 Min Cap)
Row 500/400 Meters
15 Burpee Over Bar
10 Squat Cleans@155/105

Go Fast!!!!!

Alpha – as written
Bravo – Cleans@115-135/80-95
Charlie – Cleans@75/55
Delta – Cleans@65/45
*if you are new to CrossFit you will do 20 med ball cleans

Hollow Hold – Tabata
Bat Wings – 10-10-10

A. Tempo Push-Press – 3-3-3-3-3; 3 sec eccentric

B. Workout
4 Strict Chest to Bar Chin-Ups or Chin-Ups
6 strict Ring Dips(muscle-up to get up to dip)
12 Overhead Barbell Reverse Lunges@50/35

Alpha – As written
Bravo – as written with , Stationary dips
Charlie – Banded Pull-Ups, Bench Dips, Lunges with

Single Arm DB High Pulls – 8-8-8
Single Arm Single Leg Crossbody Deadlift – 8-8-8

A. Farmers Carry – Max distance without dropping your weight and then walk back

B. Workout
3 Rounds
Run 400
15 Toes to Bar

*If you complete this in under 7 min add a round

Alpha – As written
Bravo – Hanging leg raises(try breaking the hip crease)
Charlie – Hanging Knee Tucks

L-Sit – Accumulate 2 Min or N-Sit – Accumulate 3 Min
Each time you break do 30 Dubs or 40 Singles

Bike :30
Run 200
Ring Plank :30 Sec
Ski :30 Sec
100′ Sled Push@190/145
Top of the Ring Row Hold :30 Sec
Rest :60 Sec

A1. Deadlift – 20 reps x 3, Start at 55# and add weight each round if you can
A2. Choose One
HSPU – 20 Reps x 3, start with a max set of strict, then finish with kipping
Box HSPU – 10 Reps + 2-3 Wall Climbs x 3 sets
Wall Climb – 3 Reps, hold 5 sec at the top of each one x 3
Z-Press – 15 Reps x 3

*Complete A1, then A2, Rest 3 Min Between Sets. You should be able to do the deadlifts unbroken. If you don’t think you can start at 45-50%. You may only go up in weight if you think you can do it unbroken.

B. Workout
750 Row
50 Burpee Box Jumps@24/20

*You may do burpee step-ups as well

Sorinson hold :60 Sec
Triceps Extension – 8-10 x 3