A. Halting Clean – rest :60 sec; pause below the knee, pause above the knee, pause at mid thigh, pause in the catch, the pause at mid thigh is for 8 sec the rest are just a second, when holding at mid thigh focus on keeping tightness in the lats and back. Try to engage the hamstrings and glutes. If you are newer to this movement you should use this time to focus on technique.

B. “Skinny Non-Fat Latte”
3 Rounds
21 Chest to Bars or Pull-Ups
9 Squat Cleans@165/110

**Percentage of clean should be around 65%. Use a band for pull-ups if needed, step-ups if needed. Lower Pull-up volume if you are working on doing unbanded pull-ups.

Alpha – as written
Bravo – Front Squats, Ring Rows
Charlie – Goblet Squats, Ring Rows

Clean Deadlift – 3-3-3-3@90% or single leg Deadlift – 8 x 4
Powell Raises – 10 x 3 sets

A. Rope Climb Practice – take 10 min here

B. “Grande, Quad, Nonfat, One-Pump, No-Whip, Mocha”
Run 1 Mile
100 Burpees
10 Rope Climbs(you may do legless)

30 min cap

*Share the rope. If you are not able to do rope climbs yet go as high as you are comfortable with or do

A. Tempo Overhead Squat – 2-2-2-2-2; Start at 60% of your max snatch and add a little weight if you can. 6 sec eccentric, 10 sec pause at bottom on each rep.

B. Tempo Back Squat Wave -3-2-1-2-3; 3 second eccentric, pause 2 sec at bottom, second sets of 2 and 3 should be heavier than the first sets

Choose Two movements. Coach can help you choose movements depending on days you are coming in.

Bike :30 Sec
Row 8-15 Cals
Double Unders
Run 200
Ski :30 Sec
Power Clean@75%
Snatch Pulls@70-80%
Strict Chin-Ups
Rope Climb

“Caramel Macchiato, Venti, Skim, Extra Shot, Extra-Hot, Extra-Whip, Sugar-Free”
45 Cal Row
KB Thrusters@53/35
Toes to Bar

**Scale KB weight if needed, you may use DBs

Tempo Split Squat -8-8-8-8; 4 sec eccentric, 2 sec pause at the top
DB Single Arm High Pull – 8-8-8-8