A. Halting Clean Deadlift + Clean – 1+1 x 6@at 75-85%; you may go heavier, do not try to max out
*Execution of the above complex is completed this way:  Start on the floor, pull to below the knee, pause for :04-:06 sec, then bring the bar back down, rest :10 sec, then complete the clean. 

B. “Heavy Helen”
3 rounds
Run 400 meters
21 kbs@70/53
12 chest to bars

Compare here

Alpha – as written
Bravo – regular Helen
Charlie – Lighter KB and banded pull-ups
Delta – lighter KB and ring rows, you may scale the run if needed

Choose up to 2-3 extras

Extra oly
Tall Clean – 2-2-2-2-2; by feel
Snatch Pull(from below the knee) – 5 x 4 sets

Extra gymnastics(muscle-up)
Tempo Chest to ring pull ups – 3-5 x 5; regular speed up, 4-5 second decent, 2 sec pause at bottom, start the movement with palms turned out, finish with palms turned in toward you(like a chin-up)
L-sit – accumulate 2-3 min

Extra strength(back building)
Db rows – 10 x 4 sets
Bent rear felt raises – 12 x 3 sets