My mother sat in on the WOD this morning. After the WOD was over she came over to me and said, “oh my god, you can see the pain in their face, and they still kept going.”  The funny thing is, after that, she said she wanted to do it. I guess she can see the value in hard work.

Congrats Maqui on her new PR for overhead press(85 lb) and Jodie on her new PR for overhead press(110 lb) Awesome job girls!!!

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

Winston Churchill

The WOD today was:

5 rounds of                                                                                        

30 overhead walking lunge steps(plate overhead)

20 double unders

10 push-press

You all did an AMAZING job!!!

Thank you everyone for bringing their friends to CrossFit Newton today. It makes me happy to know you guys are happy enough here to want other people to come share it with you.