This is only half the group

AWESOME job by everyone who completed 17.5 yesterday. So much support from each and every one of you. AMAZING ending to the night. I am in awe of this community. Good luck to everyone who has yet to complete the workout.

Team WOD
3 Athletes per team
6 Burpees
9 Power Cleans@115/80
12 cal row

One athlete works at a time. Scale weight for power clean if needed. Step-ups if no BJ

If you are beat up from yesterdays open WOD do the following:

recovery workout:
None of this is to be done at a fast pace
3 Rounds
2 min bike(easy pace)
2 min walking lunges(un-weighted)pause for a sec between steps
2 min slam ball over the shoulder(pause for a sec between reps)
2 min Row(easy pace)