Today is Lift up for Autism. You can still donate by clicking here. There will still be a 9am and 10am class.

4 Power Cleans@155/105
24 Dubs
10 Pull-ups

Alpha – as written(scale the power cleans if needed)
Bravo – 24 Singles, 10 banded pull-ups
Charlie – singles and ring rows

After Luke you will have 10 Min to clear things out and set up for the next WOD

Partner WOD
AMRAP 15(Follow the leader)
10 cal row
10 TTB
10 Burpees

Alpha – As written(you may use an abmat and a 25# plate to scale the HSPU)
Bravo – Hanging leg raises, 6 wall climbs(instead of HSPU)
Charlie – Hanging knee tucks, L-Sit overhead press