Weightlifting Meme (1)

1A. Bulgarian split squat
8 each side x 4
1B. Inverted rows
Elevate feet if possible
1C. Hollow Hold
max time x 4
2. 3 rounds
Airdyne :30 sec
rest :10 sec
Battle rope :30 sec(double, alternating, circles each for :10 sec)
farmers carry 100 meters@70/53


Hello Everyone!

In the coming weeks I will be starting up a class of my own – referred to for lack of a better name “Weightlifting Wednesday”.  This class will be held (for now) on just Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm after the final CrossFit class of the day.  Considering we will only be doing this once per week, and also considering the complexity of the sport in tandem with the beautifully crafted genius with which I want you to perform it, the class will not be centered around maxing out or missing lifts.  I am a big believer that harnessing impeccable technique is essential to not only lifting heavier weights, but also staying safe, and looking great while doing it – all things we want to do.  There is time enough to test oneself at high percentages, but foremost is the development of a foundation of flawless neuromuscular patterning, mobility and strength – therefore, that’s what the class will primarily be focused on.  This class is completely accessible to weightlifters of all experience levels – perhaps with the exception of world class Olympians (though I’m fairly certain I haven’t seen the names Ilyin, Aukhadov or Valentin anywhere around here so I don’t think that’s an issue).  See you next wednesday the 23rd@7:30.