Week 8(of 12), Day 44

A. Build
Halting Snatch – 1+1 x 5@75% or above; Pause below the knee on the first rep and pause at mid thigh on the second rep, pause in the catch 3 sec on each rep

*Between sets complete prone plate raises for 10 reps
**If you are new to this movement use this time to work on your technique

B. Condition
21 Power Snatch@60%
21 Box Jumps@30/24
15 Power Snatch@65%
15 Box Jumps@30/24
9 Power Snatch@70-75%
9 Box Jumps@30/24

If you are not very comfortable with the BB snatch you can do DB Snatches. 30-20-10

Alpha – as written
Bravo – Snatches@45-60% , Scale box jump as needed
Charlie – 30-20-10 DB Snatch and Jump squat holding a Medicine ball

Single Arm DB High Pulls – 8 each arm x 3
Top of the Ring Pull-Up hold – :20 sec or accumulate :20 sec x 3; make sure you keep your shoulders down and lats active; arms in neutral position