1A. Inverted Rows(underhand grip)
10-10-10-10; Elevate feet if the floor is easy
1B. Ring support
:20 sec x 4; In push-up position
1C. Hollow hold
:30 sec x 4/rest 2 min
2. “I’d like a salad….And hold the veggies”
Airdyne :45 sec
Farmers carry 100 meters
2 rope climbs
50 double unders

Modifications and weight choices:
Rope climbs – Start on your back with knees bent and feet on the floor. Extend your hips till they are completely extended. with feet on the floor climb the rope with your hands till you are in the standing position. Climb back down and repeat for 5 times.
Double unders – If you can’t connect your double unders  do 30. If you can’t do double unders yet do 180 singles.
Farmers carry – 70/53, 53/35, 45/25

Ring support