A1.. Back Squat – 10RM, -5%, -10%,  First Set will be at 65-70% of your max
A2. Choose One:
Max UB toes to bar x 3
Max TTB in :60 Sec x 3
Max K2E in :45 Sec x 3
For the above exercise you will complete A1, then the A2, then rest :90 sec. Do this for all three sets
Partner up on the rower
“Christine”, backwards and broken.
21 box jumps
12 Deadlifts
Row 500 Meters
rest 3 Min x 3

Alpha – DL@225/155, BJ@24/20
Bravo – DL@165/125, BJ@24/20
Charlie – DL@135/95, BJ@20-24/16-20
Delta – DL@95-115/65-80, BJ or step-ups@20-24/16-20