A. Pause Back Squat – Heavy single; 2 sec pause

B. “Candy Corn Coma”
30 Front Squats@115/80
20 HR Burpees
30 Thrusters@95/65
20 HR Burpees
60 Wall Balls@20/14
20 HR Burpees

15 min cap

**if you have an issue with your front rack you can use 2 KB for your front squat and DB for the thrusters

Alpha – as written
Bravo – FS@95/65, Thrusters@75/55, Wall Balls@20/14
Charlie – FS@75/55, Thrusters@65/45, Wall Balls@14/10
Delta – Goblet Squat, DB Thrusters, Wall Balls@14/10

C. Extra Strength(after class)
Single Arm DB Rows – 8-10 x 4

D. Extra Mid-Line(after class)
GHDSU – 25 x 3