Complete A1, Rest :15 sec, Then A2, Rest :90 Sec
A1. Tempo Front Squat – 3-3-3-3@70-75% or above of your heavy single pause from 11.4.16 ; 5 seconds down, no pause at bottom, if you didn’t do the heavy single pause do it today. Make sure each set is tough.
A2. Choose One:
HS Walk – 50 Feet x 4 or 3 attempts for distance
Shoulder Taps – 10-20 Reps x 4(against the wall)
HS Hold – accumulate as much time in :60 sec as possible
Partner Assisted HS Hold – Accumulate as much time as possible in :60 sec
HS Hold against the wall – :max hold up to a min x 4(try to keep a hollow position)
B. “Rubba Dub Dub”
50 Dubs
20 Wall Balls@30/20
50 Dubs
20 Pistols

Alpha – as written
Bravo – Wall Balls@20/14, Pistols, Dubs
Charlie – Wall Balls@20/14, Single leg squats to a box, 10 Single doubles
Delta – Wall Balls@14/10-13, Single Leg Squats to a box, 50 Singles

Extra Stability
Powell Raises – 10 x 3 sets
Half kneeling Banded Torso Rotations – 10 x 4 sets(rotate away from the back leg. Make sure to squeeze your glute on the side you are rotating away from.