“The Patriot”
7 Rounds
DB Overhead Lunge step 25 feet(2 DB)
9 Toes to Bar
Rest :60 sec

For the Overhead Lunge steps find a tough weight and use that for each of your rounds. If you need to lower the weight do so.

Alpha – As written
Bravo – Hanging knees to Chest(scale reps if needed)
Charlie – Single Arm Overhead Lunge Steps, Hanging Knee Tucks(scale reps if needed)
Delta – Overhead Lunge steps with a plate, Leg raises to the rig

Muscle-Ups – Max UB x 3; rest 1:30
Rope Climb – Max climbs in 3 min
Chest to Bar Chin-Ups or Chin-Ups – 3-5 x 5(use a band if needed)